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Aug. 8th, 2011 @ 11:50 pm
News Flash: iTunes is the Suck

baffled - iCloud + iTUnes = SHAME ON APPLE (lala.com was 10X better) Jun. 9th, 2011 @ 01:08 pm
I'm just baffled by the level of crap that apple consumer are willing to take in and not speak out about.

This new iCloud is just lala.com 5 years too late AND it's no where near as good as lala.com was.

lala.com let you stream your entire library to ANY COMPUTER. Any computer meaning any computer with a web browser. Something Apple STILL does not do today because they require you to install iTunes giant bloatware software.

So lala.com was completely web driven.

On top of that lala.com had the option to allow you to purchase a "streaming only" version of a song for $0.10. That means it was added to your online library for streaming from anywhere but you couldn't download it and say put it on your iPod. I loved this feature. There were lots of songs I just wanted to listen to (albums) when I was at my computer and for the cost of $0.10 a pop it was worth it for me to just buy the "steaming only" version of the songs.

AGAIN something iTunes still does not offer today.

So iCloud + ITunes is just lala.com 5 years too late AND no where near as good as lala.com was.

Oh and what happened to lala.com? Apple BOUGHT THEM AND TURNED THEM OFF because they were so much better than iTunes.

You would think there would be a public outcry of "FOUL" here!

If you are going to buy a computer, and then work for -2-years and not be able to produce something as good as the company you just turned off.. then you are limiting the options of your users and giving them less than optimal user experience. Put simple, lala.com was 10X better than iCloud + iTunes and Apple should be SHAMED for buying them and turning them off and then giving us this crap instead.

GET A BEAR EXTENDER! Apr. 20th, 2011 @ 10:39 pm
Because the built in wifi (known as Apple's Airport card) is so extremely terrible, I decided to look for a thirdparty wifi manufacturer that works with Apple products.

I found the "Bear Extender". I just got it today.

Before installing the Bear Extender I recorded my wifi signal strength at 25%.

After installing the Bear Extender I recorded my wifi signal strength at over 80%.

Showing that the Apple Airport card in MacBook Pro's really does suck.

And I highly recommend this product. Easy to install and setup.

Update My bandwidth nearly doubled when switching from the Apple product "Airport card" to the Bear Extender. Here's the screenshots to prove it.

Macbook Pro 15" used but WORKING see video. Apr. 17th, 2011 @ 10:14 pm


few hours left. Apr. 7th, 2011 @ 09:03 am
if interested:

here is a video clip of it in action:

(more) MacBook Pro Wireless issues Mar. 2nd, 2011 @ 10:44 pm
I'm connected to a remote basestation on my iPhone and iPad, and have been using that basestation on my MacBook Pro.... but then it stopped working.

I've been reading online and this seems to be some sort of problem with the macbook pro's that apple has still yet to acknowledge. [Reference 1] [Reference 2]

I've tried all the suggested fixes for it. Reset the PRAM. Disabled ipv6. Installed little Snitch (why?). Yet none of those did anything to help the problem.

Simply put, I see the basestation, but can not create a connection to it with my MacBook Pro running MacOSX 10.6.6.

It's frustrating to know that I can reboot into Windows on my Mac and it connects under Windows. It connects with my iPhone. It connects with my iPad. The only place where it does _not_ connect is my MacBook Pro running MacOS X.....

Update: Yay! There might be an update!!!

Update 2: Nope. My OS is too new for that update....

recovering iPad photos to MacBook Pro Mar. 1st, 2011 @ 12:12 am
Here's the case, and it's rather personal.

My mom's iPad had her personal photos on it, uploaded from her computer. She loved her iPad very much.

My mom passed away suddenly and my dad gave me mom's iPad.

These are the only photos I have of her now, so I'd very much like to get them off her iPad and onto my laptop (Mac Book Pro).

When I connect the iPad to my Mac, iTunes 19 times out of 20 says, "ipad connected but not identified" and it tells me to disconnect and reconnect it.

The 1 time out of 20 it doesn't give me that error, it says a new version of the iPad software is available, and would I like to upgrade it (which I'm doing right now).

Meanwhile in applications like PhoneView and Image Capture, I see the iPad just fine, BUT I don't see any photos on it. In iPhoto I see only photos that I have personally created using the screen capture feature on the iPad. But none of the folders of photos that were synced from her computer show up.

IS THERE ANY WAY - to get these photos off her iPad? It's kinda very important to me.

MacBook Pro - Wireless Test: MacOSX Fails vs. Windows Feb. 16th, 2011 @ 03:53 am
The sad truth about MacOSX wireless is that IT SUCKS. It always has been extremely unstable and unreliable and now I have consistent proof that Windows wireless is much stronger than MacOSX.


First booted into MacOSX. And repeatedly tried to connect to an open 802.11g base station and was consistently unable to connect. This is an open basestation with no passwords, that I had previously been using under MacOSX.

Then I rebooted into Windows XP and connected directly on first attempt and am currently using that connection.

I've seen this happen repeatedly on my MacBook Pro, where I'm unable to connect and maintain a sustainable link using MacOSX, but when I reboot into Windows XP it works right off the bat and gives me no problems.

So given IDENTICAL HARDWARE (the exact same machine), Windows was able to connect and make a reliable usable link. Meanwhile MacOSX was unable to connect AT ALL.

Proving yet again, that the MaxOSX Operating System has extremely poor (and in this case unusable) wireless support.

Dec. 17th, 2009 @ 12:46 am
Could imagine if this happened to you?

1- That should be the new Mac commercial.

2- Could you imagine this girl walking into the Apple Store and asking for help with getting her data recovered, and then she pulls out the bullet-holed laptop. ha!

Community announcement Dec. 6th, 2009 @ 07:42 pm
I hope at the permission of the members of this community you'll allow me to announce a new group created to collect the bugs and issues of macosx and Apple products.

The community name is apple_critics

The goal of this communtiy is to
1- Piss off the fan boys
2- Make the OS and hardware better, by pointing out the current flaws
3- Hope that Apple reads this (as they have before) and fix outstanding issues

Please join in.

I just ask that people post CONSTRUCTIVE replies. Pointless name calling comments will not be tolerated.
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» Disk is completely filled up
The startup disk on my MBP filled up completely over the last day or so. It was getting up there, but on Wednesday *the last time I checked* there was 14 GB free. When I woke the old boy up this morning, I was greeted with the "Startup disk is almost full" message.

Poked around but I must confess I am not really sure what I should be looking for. Or how to, really.

But I looked around found a few redundant files, moved them to the trash, emptied it. The disk size briefly fluctuated and almost immediately went to zero KB available.

I haven't got a clue what is going on here.

What should I be looking at or for?

» mbp help
Ok, I think something bad happened to my Macbook Pro last night.

I was upgrading my MBP (early 2006, base model) to Snow Leopard. Everything started fine and dandy so I left it alone to do it's thing. I come back to check on it - and my screen is black. I could still hear the disc spinning and working in the drive but nothing that I did would make the screen come up, it was just completely unresponsive. And then I did probably the most stupid thing I could have ever done...I turned it off.

So when I tried to start it up again (the update disc was still in the drive) it would take me to the Apple screen like it was loading but it would just sit there and spin for a few minutes and then the screen would go black again. I tried starting it up again after I took the disc out and when it got to where the Apple screen would be, it came up with a flashing folder and a question mark.

I'm at a complete loss as to how to go about trying to remedy this. It was working perfectly fine before, and I was running Leopard. Any thoughts as to what happened or what I could do to try and fix it?

Thank you for any help!
» question, if you will
i am running low on hard drive space on my macbook pro. i use external hard drives religiously and feel like everything is backed up.. i dont know where all the space goes. today i was searching around looking for large folders etc and i found previous libraries. does anyone know if you can back this up on an external and use it later if you need to restore to it? or is it just best to keep it on your drive?

thanks for your time folks :)
» (No Subject)
Alright, so. I am about to move into a condo, and my entertainment options right now are:

MacBook Pro, 2.4GHx Intel Core 2 Duo

What I'd like to get is a television, but I had this crazy idea that I could possibly hook my MBP into the TV? Is that possible? To use the DVD player, mostly, and a bit of iTunes. What do I need to do to make this possible (cables to be purchased, etc, and don't say "Apple TV" pls!)

» Problems sorting podcasts
I'm having difficulty sorting my podcasts.

On my iTunes (and consequently on my iPod), in my Podcasts section, it shows that I am subscribed to the same podcast, twice. Right underneath each other. And different individual episodes of that podcast are saved inside both those categories. I can't seem to be able to combine them. I've tried editing things in "Get info". I've tried re-sorting the files in my iTunes Finder folder. They're currently all in one Finder folder under the same podcast name, but iTunes still separates them.

Similarly, I am subscribed to another podcast called Rich & Allison's Super Happy Fun Time, and again it appears that I am subscribed to "Rich and Allison's Super Happy Fun Time" right underneath. And like the previous problematic podcast, these two different categories both contain different episodes of the same podcast, and won't consolidate.

Any advice, please?
» I keep getting redirected..?
Hello everyone, I would appreciate any insight to this problem I am having.

Lately I've been getting redirected to this website: http://www.wsearch.net/
It's been happening more and more now and I cannot access specific websites I'd like to go to. For instance, I wanted to access Craigslist and every time I click on a province it takes me to this website instead.

It's getting very frustrating and I am not sure what to do!

Help? :S
» MBP randomly shuts off
For the past week or so, my computer has been shutting off without me choosing to do so. It usually happens while I'm away from the computer and I come back to find it off, but sometimes it will just suddenly happen while I'm actually using it too. Does anyone have any idea what might be causing this? I never get any kind of error message, it doesn't say anything about being shut down incorrectly when I start it back up, nothing. I was thinking maybe it's overheating or something? It's always gotten really hot to the touch when I've been using it for a while, but then it cools down and it's never done this random shut off thing before. I guess I'll probably have to take it in, but I just wanted to check and see if anyone could suggest anything I can try to do myself first...thanks in advance for any help you might be able to provide!
» Screencap issues?

Dearest, darlingest MackBook Pro geniuses,

I have, alas, run into a problem. I've been taking screencaps for a long time (mostly because my temperamental Photoshop seems to like me working with screencaps better than with normal images), but this morning, quite suddenly, it began... malfunctioning? Whatever I try to screencap, be it the entire screen or just a selected area, it doesn't take a picture of it at all - it just shows up black, or sometimes black with the Little Fuzzy Things of Doom.

Example behind the cutCollapse )

Ack! Any help is appreciated. I'll be lost without my screencaps!

All my love,
» OUCH! MacBook Air vs Dell Mini 9 Leopard Boot

» MacStyles Coupon
Hey Everyone,

Check out MacStyles.com for cool vinyl skins for Macs.   The site is all new.  Use coupon code :  LJ10off   for 10% off your order (exclusively for livejournal users).


• Scotty 
» (No Subject)
if your a video creator you can get paid for it, go to www.adzoomi.com and sign up. I am a video creator too so don't worry this is not spam, it's legit and I just thought I would let everyone else know about it
» User error.

iTunes is totally jacking with me and the support email says to delete the "sc info" file from my /users/shared/ folder. Except... um, he he... I think I may have accidently deleted the entire "shared" folder. (Which, by the way, did NOT solve the problem.) Is there any way to fix this disaster??

Also, I'm looking for the most recent version of photoshop elements that is mac os x 10.5.6 compatible. Version 6 says it's only to 10.5.2. 

Thank you in advance for any help!
» (No Subject)
I'm technologically failing lately. I need a new flash drive b/c my old one is TINY 256mb .. Whats the best one to buy for use with a mac?

so i got the spinning ball of death, restarted my computer, and now osx is gone. for the most part, it just wont load. i wait forever and then get a stop sign. popped in the osx install disk, went to the disk utility, and it wont let me repair or mount. the windows side is working fine. i dont mind reinstalling oxs again if it cant be fixed, but i do need to get my files off of there if they still exist. what happened and how do i fix it? and if/when i reinstall osx, will it effect the windows partition?
» icons
 Okay, idiot question here.

How do I download icons onto my hard drive for use on my LJ?? I'm kind of lost without a right-click function.
» NeoOffice
 Hi all~

First time Mac user here, just received a lovely MacbookPro to replace my defunct PC. Now I'm looking for office software, but I only really need the word processor so I don't want to spend a lot on iWork or MS Office for Mac.

What's the word on NeoOffice? Buggy? Compatible? Does it really exchange files with Microsoft Office? 

If anybody can point me in the right direction to research this (preferably at an unbiased -or nearly unbiased- third party site), I'd be very grateful!
» mac and pc, together in perfect harmony
I bought a macbook yesterday despite the terribly disappointing "sale" and will be getting it for Christmas from myself and whoever gives me money as a present. I currently use a Dell desktop for all my computing and have an external hard drive with all my music, movies, photos, and other stuff on it. I'll be using both the apple and the pc still and would like to know if there's a way to have them be friends and be able to do things on both without it being two seperate systems. maybe some way to sync them when it comes to music and certain things. and can i use my external harddrive with itunes music for both?

also, this is my very first mac and i need software suggestions. any type and any price.. recommend your favorites. also, any advice or suggestions for when i get my mac would be greatly appreciated!

xposted to </a></b></a>macaddicts,</a></b></a></a></b></a></a></b></a></b></a>macintosh</a>
» Printing problem
I'm desperate to solve this problem without buying Applecare or paying $50 for per-incident tech support.  Hopefully someone here can help me.  I bought my MacBook Pro in May and hooked it up to my Brother HL-2170W printer with no problem.  It was working perfectly until yesterday.  Now whenever I try to print I get an error message telling me the printer is offline.  It's not offline.

Things I have tried:

Restarting the computer
Plugging the USB cord into a different socket
Reinstalling the latest printer driver
Deleting the printer profile and reinstalling it

I reviewed the printer troubleshooting on the Apple website as well and there's no mention of this problem.  There are other people with this problem on the forums, but none of their solutions has worked for me. Any ideas?
» (No Subject)
So when starting up my MBP this morning, the screen doesn't turn on.
I hear the startup sound, I hear things making sounds, but the screen doesn't work.
I hit F2 to see if the lights were down, but no. I hit other keys to see if the computer is even on, volume works.
I'm on my roommate'a laptop right now, and when looking it up, I found things talking about a bad logic board? I know the space on my start-up disk is really close to full, does that have anything to do with it?

Should I go straight to the Apple Store, or is there anything I can do? More importantly, how can I save the information on my computer. Most of my stuff is backed up, but my external harddrive decided to stop being recognized when I plug it in so I haven't been able to update it recently.
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